legal and policy issues in information technology paper 1

The case…
Please follow the directions and check the attachment.
– Brief background of the general issue (i.e., privacy, computer crime, etc.)
Argumentation (Discussion of positions)
– Approach your identified case from the following positions: pro (defendant), con (prosecution), and how a jury would render a decision. Support each side with references.
– State all/any ethical issues associated with the case.
– Summarize your argumentation (arguments) — include your overall assessment of the issues involved;
– State the results of the case if applicable. Also, state your agreement/disagreement with the verdict.
Style and Writing
– Proper grammar and format required.
– APA Style
Include in-text citations (Failure to do so will result in a 50-pt. deduction fromoverall grade)
Plagiarism of any part or whole of the exam will result in a zero grade!!! All papers will be turned in to a plagiarism software package: Turnitin
Sources to find relevant cases and information on the issues in the case:

 Online journals
 Books (You can use a case from the textbook.)
 Websites (only a few per question)
 Online newspapers/magazines articles

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