Nursing paper

Original Work, NO PLAGERIESM, Cite, (3) References, APA format

inequities are differences in the health status of populations based on social
conditions and/or distribution of resources between groups. This journal
assignment is to analyze a current issue noted in the media related to health
inequity. Social determinants of health contribute to health disparity. 

For this

1. Identify a
health inequity or health disparity noted in the media and cite the media

2. State the
incidence, prevalence and severity of this health disparity that you have
identified among subpopulations that are socioeconomically disadvantaged as
well as medically underserved in either rural or urban communities. 

3. Find two evidence-based
articles related to your specific health issue. (Articles have to be within the last 5 years)

4. Analyze
the effect of social determinants on the quality of health related to this

5. Apply the
EBP articles to the current issue in the media that you have identified: Is it
relevant? Accurate? What would you add to the media presentation? Does the
media accurately portray the health disparity? 

6. What
specific community/public health nursing interventions could be effective in
addressing this issue, specifically addressing all levels of prevention? 

7. How does
this issue relate to Mercy and Jesuit values?
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